Home Design Trends 2021

After a year like 2020, a lot of us have adapted to a new way of living.  Consequently, it isn’t surprising that home trends change as folks adapt. As people spend more time at home and away from offices and commuting, changes to add function and/or the feel of a home were made or are currently being made.

Check out a few home designs that I see trending in Hudson County as I tour the homes of buyers and sellers:

Flex Spaces:

2020 change being home forever.  Families have adapted by altering the purpose of rooms and transforming them into multifunctional spaces. As remote work continues for the foreseeable future, Flexible spaces are being given a true purpose. Home with ample and limited space are reimaging areas calling for sliding doors and partitions to separate work areas from play areas. Many folks DIY project in the past year was designing areas for working out, reading, hobby/craft room, or just a space to chill out.

Decorative Lighting:

Lighting can really make a room stand out. Some of the light fixtures that I have seen during showings could be classified as works of art. Light fixture makers are using a mix of materials, finishes, and styles of lighting that are catching the eye of many homeowners and home buyers in the market. Black and metal lighting fixtures have become popular. Lighting overall is being added to rooms to make a bold statement…think of it adding that must have accessory to your wardrobe!

Bringing the Outdoors In:

As we were stuck inside in 2020, many homeowners decided to the bring the outside indoors.  During many showings, I am seeing various house plants and indoor herb gardens. Indoor plants make a statement. Many people not only love the look, but they also say it makes them feel better as well. Indoor plants liven up any room. And if you can’t keep real plants alive like me, there are plenty of fake indoor plants that look and feel like the real thing!

Floor to Ceiling Windows:

Natural light has always been an ask for home buyers out there. Last year made it and outdoor space even more desirable. With rough winters like what we just had, being outdoors wasn’t an option.  That’s where floor to ceiling windows come in. It allows you to get in that natural light without braving the elements. As an added bonus, floor-to-ceiling windows also make rooms feel larger and airy. Plus, you get to enjoy views of the neighborhood.

Video Conferencing Living Rooms or Office Spaces

Piggybacking off of Flex Spaces, the makeshift or permanent office space has become a necessity for many. With so many meetings, classes, weddings, showers, and even funerals happening on Zoom or other video platforms, many people are creating tasteful and artful spaces. It allows them to look more professional and even show a little personality.