Home Buying

What’s going on in Today’s Real Estate Market?

You have probably seen it in the news.  The current real estate market is a bit nuts. A few months ago, folks were unsure when they would go outside again, and were looking for more indoor and outdoor space in a place to live. They wanted rooms for working, exercise and home schooling. People just […]

Eric Beepat | Apr 3, 2021

What are Closing Costs in NJ?

What are Closing Costs in NJ? One thing I always explain to my buyer clients are closing costs. Closing costs are out-of-pocket expenses that typically must be paid up front. Your costs will vary by lender and the specific property that you purchase. When you are thinking about all wants and need of a home […]

Eric Beepat | May 21, 2020

5 New Year Resolutions to Help You Buy a Home

1. Stick it out At Your Job This may be a tough one if you HATE your job and have been looking…trust me I’ve been there. However, a steady job history and few or no gaps in employment over the past two years are what lenders are looking for, because it helps lenders predict your […]

Eric Beepat | Dec 24, 2019

Why work with a realtor when buying or selling a home – Specifically Me

This is a question that is understandably on the mind of many homebuyers and sellers. With the significant rise in online services that assist homebuyers and sellers with the process of selling or buying a home, many people are misled into thinking that they can do it themselves. It’s easy to underestimate all the activities […]

Eric Beepat | Oct 8, 2019

Condo vs. CoOp

What Are the Differences between Condos and Co-Ops? I get this question a lot from folks reaching out after looking online for a property. So, I decided to write a blog post about it. Today, both Condominiums (Condo) and Co-Operative (Co-Op) properties have become highly sought out property and sometimes lucrative investment vehicles in New […]

Eric Beepat | Jul 15, 2019