Five Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

A home will always require renovations no matter what. Whether you plan to live in that house or sell it, adding some value to it through improvements will enhance the resale value of your home. Whenever you are thinking of calling the contractor for renovations in your home, you can weigh the consequences of improvement for you and your potential buyers.

The upgrades that you do in the house may surely appease the buyers, but are these renovations worth the money you are putting in, or will they give you value for money? You need to ask yourself these questions before you start the improvement in your house. This article will help you choose the best way of renovating your home so that you get the best return on your investment.

Renovations in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your house. The renovations that you do in the kitchen will directly impact the buyers. It is also one of the biggest ways in which you can add value to your kitchen. Whenever buyers come to buy the home, they look at the size and space of the kitchen and if the kitchen is quite welcoming the buyers tend to show their interest in that house. Kitchens that have a seating arrangement in the form of barstools also invite the attention of the buyers.

Remodeling the entire kitchen is a big investment. However, you can also start from the minor ones that have the capability of attracting buyers. The buyers also look for clean and tidy kitchens. You should ensure that you are replacing any worn out tiles with the fresh ones. It is not necessary that you are too trendy in renovating your kitchen. However, at least be updated with what is the latest in this regard. Renovating the old countertops and the flooring is also worth the money spent on it.

Updating the bathroom

The bathroom might be the smallest space in your house, but it can have a huge impact on the buyers. Experts suggest that if you have just one bathroom in your house, add more of it so that your house has at least two full baths. Also, if you think that the bathroom is sufficient for your family, you can think of renovating and updating the space.

If you want to renovate the bathrooms to increase the value of your house, you must aim at focusing more on the fine details like the accessories, the towel bars, etc. Most of the buyers won’t look at the upgrades in your house, they will look at it as a whole, and there might be a possibility that you don’t get enough money for the upgrades. Here, you have to be neutral in this regard and keep your renovations simple. If you are low on money and cannot go for upgrades, then you can also indulge in some DIY activities that will give a fresh and new look to your bathroom. Just regrouting the tiles is yet another way of bringing newness to your bathroom space.

Upgrading the lighting

Lighting in a room plays a crucial role in attracting buyers to your house. Most of the buyers look for natural light coming into the house. This is what makes a room and house look brighter. When a room appears brighter, it will naturally also look much bigger in space, and bigger spaces always attract buyers. Experts suggest that you can replace the ceiling lights with pendant ones. These lights are much cheaper and will give you the much-needed lighting and modern look. Also, these days, LED lights have taken over the market. There are several cheap options available for the same and you can use them brighten up the house. LED lights not only make space look brighter and larger, but also make it look much cleaner.

Painting the house

Just like upgrading the lighting can make a huge impact in making space look brighter and cleaner, painting the house can also have a huge impact. A house that is freshly painted will give the illusion of bigger spaces. When you are painting the house, try and stick to neutral colors like grey and beige. These colors make space look larger.

Also, if you do not have the time or budget to get your entire house painted, you can at least get it done in the living area, which is the first place the buyers or visitors will come to. You can also fix the paint quickly in some places by trimming the old and dirty paint, giving a new look to your walls. A house that is well painted will give an illusion to the buyers that you have taken well care of the house.

Improving the landscape

While most people are focused on the interiors of the house when they think of selling it, very few of them think about the landscape and its importance in the same. Taking care of the landscape becomes especially important when you are planning to sell your house in spring or summer. We understand that you might not want to spend much on the plantations, etc. However, you can just remove the clutter and make it look good.


Making these minor improvements in your house can help you a great deal in upgrading and improving its appearance. You can follow these steps and get going. If you are looking for a completely no obligation way to find your home value instantly, click HERE and a free instant home value report will be sent to you.