Four Tips for your At-Home Workspace

Let’s face it…2020 has been weird!  With COVID-19 and social distancing mandates in effect across much of the country, many people are working from home…and it has not been easy. I, like many have been taking care of kids, homeschooling and trying to work. I put together this short list of “Four tips for your At-Home Workspace.” Modifying your at home work space can help. A clutter free and appealing work area can help you feel more productive — and more relaxed.


Here are four tips for your At-Home Workspace.

Identify your Workspace

Whether you have a home office or not designating an area for work, even if it’s a small space in your living room or kitchen, will help you get into work mode. Make sure the space has your ideal working conditions such as lighting, a comfortable chair and all the tech goodies that you use.


Do not be like me, the messy Realtor and Accountant.  Clean your desk and area.  I dedicate time to do this weekly.  I trash all of the scraps of listing papers and home showing print outs and get things tidy.  This one may seem like a no brainer, but if I did not take the time to do it, it will not get done. I feel 100% better working in a clean and clutter free environment.

Hook up your Background

Zoom anyone?  I have been wearing a dress shirt and pajama pants like everyone else on these video calls.  If you are not using one of those zoom backgrounds be aware of what your coworkers are seeing behind you.  Add some art or a bookcase or bookshelf.  Show off some of your personality and style with it.

A little Ambiance Anyone

Get the area smelling good and add some light music.  Burn your favorite incense or candle.  Set up that portable speaker and a play a little of your favorite tunes.  It is your house after all and you can do what you want.


It’s perfectly OK to make your home workspace work for you.  After all, it looks like it will be a while until things get back to normal.  Things may never get back to what they once was, so making yourself comfortable working at home should be a priority.

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