Jersey City, The 6th Boro

Jersey City

is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, Jersey City has developed a globally cosmopolitan ambiance of its own that surpasses New York City’s top neighborhoods. Jersey City is one of those unexpected cities that holds a multitude of opportunities and a higher quality of life. For starters, it’s located just across the river from one of our nation’s greatest cities. In fact, many people are convinced living in Jersey City is better than living in New York City.

For instance, the city is currently being renovated and rejuvenated while still maintaining its historical monuments and architecture. Living here, you will find a combined ambiance of modern architecture, urban art, and historic preservation. It was nicknamed America’s golden door as an ode to the immigrants who once journeyed through Ellis Island. Today, Jersey City is
in the midst of an unprecedented development boom that’s earning the city a new moniker,“the Sixth Borough.”

Jersey City may seem like a small city. However, with more than 260,000 residents, it’s one of the most densely populated in the state of New Jersey. And with its rich cultural diversity and how close it is to New York City, it has a character all its own. And that’s not limited to just the city but the neighborhoods throughout it. Whether it’s the historical sites or great local food, each Jersey City neighborhood has a unique vibe. Learn more about these fun pockets throughout the area, and at the end, maybe you’ll discover the best cool Jersey City neighborhood for you.

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