More about Me

Why Real Estate?

My About me section details a few things about me.  So, with this first post I thought I would give a little more background.

So, why real state? My dad isn’t Robert Kiyosaki, but he always taught me to make money for myself and not rely on jobs. Both of my parents immigrated to this country with very little resources and went on to own multiple business and properties.  Trust me, I was there and over the years had to work at my parents record stores, mechanic shops, and laundromats while my friends were out having fun.  Of course, I didn’t realize back then that those experiences were shaping my entrepreneurial mindset and fueled my path to real estate. Over the last year, I have gone from real estate investor to an agent looking to help others looking to build their own American dream.

What did I do before real estate? I worked in the audit and risk management profession for nearly 20 years. Basically, CPA/Consultant that reviewed and evaluated processes to improve them and mitigate risks. I have an MBA from Montclair State University and a bachelors in Accounting from Temple University.

My goal is to use my two decades of professional experiences in Corporate America to help buyers and sellers who chose me as their realtor.

What will you find in this blog? This blog I plan to share my insights on changes in the real estate market, as well as taxes and the communities that I operate in.