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Climate Change and How it Affect Real Estate

Recent weather in the Hudson County, NJ area brings the question of how climate change is affecting the world around us.  From this past winter with the many inches of snow to the recent flooding of homes in the area, we’re noticing how our world is changing. Here are some key changes to expect. Higher […]

Eric Beepat | Sep 5, 2021

Prepare for the Ultimate Staycation – by Sarah Pike

Rule #1 of the best week off at home: Plan ahead. You don’t need to stay in a hotel and play tourist to have a proper holiday. Look no further than your own home for a staycation that dreams are made of. Make no mistake, an at-home staycation doesn’t just mean a lazy weekend on the […]

Eric Beepat | Jul 22, 2021

Home Design Trends 2021

After a year like 2020, a lot of us have adapted to a new way of living.  Consequently, it isn’t surprising that home trends change as folks adapt. As people spend more time at home and away from offices and commuting, changes to add function and/or the feel of a home were made or are […]

Eric Beepat | Mar 21, 2021

How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen?

Are you designing a small kitchen in your house? Regardless of the overall size, it can turn out to be the heart of your home. Even with the shortage of space in your kitchen, you can still put together a beautiful, functional kitchen. The key to maximizing the overall space in a small kitchen is […]

Eric Beepat | Oct 12, 2020

Tips for Moving During COVING-19

Moving is Essential. I hope this post finds you and your family well.  It’s been a strange and difficult time for many. We have been quarantined and social-distancing, and we are all learning and adapting to the millions of the new way of life brought about by COVID-19. I wrote a post earlier about how […]

Eric Beepat | Apr 19, 2020