Jersey City

What’s going on in Today’s Real Estate Market?

You have probably seen it in the news.  The current real estate market is a bit nuts. A few months ago, folks were unsure when they would go outside again, and were looking for more indoor and outdoor space in a place to live. They wanted rooms for working, exercise and home schooling. People just […]

Eric Beepat | Apr 3, 2021

Home Design Trends 2021

After a year like 2020, a lot of us have adapted to a new way of living.  Consequently, it isn’t surprising that home trends change as folks adapt. As people spend more time at home and away from offices and commuting, changes to add function and/or the feel of a home were made or are […]

Eric Beepat | Mar 21, 2021

Hudson County NJ Attractions

There is so much to do in Hudson County! Whether you are in Union City, Hoboken, Jersey City or in any of the other Hudson County areas, you will find great attractions. Hudson County has everything from festivals, restaurants, live music, great parks and history and much more. I came across a great page listing […]

Eric Beepat | Jan 6, 2021

Why Hudson County? – For Me

Why Hudson County – For ME. I added “For Me” because choosing a place to purchase a home is a matter of you and your family’s own personal preferences and current lifestyle. Hudson County checked off a lot of the boxes, for what my young family was looking for to make it life craziness work. […]

Eric Beepat | Sep 8, 2020