North Bergen

Hudson County NJ Attractions

There is so much to do in Hudson County! Whether you are in Union City, Hoboken, Jersey City or in any of the other Hudson County areas, you will find great attractions. Hudson County has everything from festivals, restaurants, live music, great parks and history and much more. I came across a great page listing […]

Eric Beepat | Jan 6, 2021

Why Hudson County? – For Me

Why Hudson County – For ME. I added “For Me” because choosing a place to purchase a home is a matter of you and your family’s own personal preferences and current lifestyle. Hudson County checked off a lot of the boxes, for what my young family was looking for to make it life craziness work. […]

Eric Beepat | Sep 8, 2020

Hudson County Spotlight: North Bergen

North Bergen is a diverse township in Hudson County, New Jersey. Located on The Palisades, it’s just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, making it the perfect place to live for people who work or enjoy New York City. North Bergen captures the feeling of a city and the charm of a small town all […]

Eric Beepat | Dec 24, 2019