Tips for Moving During COVING-19

Moving is Essential.

I hope this post finds you and your family well.  It’s been a strange and difficult time for many. We have been quarantined and social-distancing, and we are all learning and adapting to the millions of the new way of life brought about by COVID-19. I wrote a post earlier about how its affecting my real estate business, but for a few folks staying put is simply not an option as plans were already made and/or jobs require relocation.

Here are a few tips for making your move as safe and stress-free as possible during this interesting time. They are just an extension of what many of you are already doing.

Donate some items so that you Don’t have to Move them

Life has changed for many individuals and families unexpectantly in a matter of weeks.  The pandemic has forced school closures, shutdowns and cause many to seek unemployment.  The need for food and assisting food pantry has skyrocketed. Donate your shelf-stable items to a local a local pantry, church or non-profit to feed the needy.  Bless a family during these tough times.

Move it Yourself…if Possible

As I mentioned, moving has been deemed essential in New Jersey, but many movers may be short staffed at the moment due to the pandemic. I say try to move it all your self with a buddy or two that you know will follow strict sanitation procedures.

If you just can’t manage on your own, call local movers and try to get an understanding of their sanitation procedures.  Business are learning to adapt, so find out if they have necessary supplies (like masks, gloves, wipes and booties).

Minimize Contact

This one is self-explanatory and what we all should or have been doing in this environment. Call/Facetime/Zoom Call to get a quote versus going to a moving company’s office. If they need to see some of the items to get an idea of the cost, definitely use any video call app to make that happen.

Communicate and be Flexible

Before moving day, talk to your neighbors, especially if you are in an apartment or condo building.  Share the day, time, and your moving plans. In the current climate, folks do not want to be around and shouldn’t be around other individuals.  Communicating will allow folks to know when to stay clear, which will give you the opportunity to move things without obstruction and let you know if your timing is a problem.

Take the Pre-Cautions we all Have been Doing:

  • Wear masks, gloves and booties and make sure your movers are too, if you are hiring a company.
  • Wipe and Disinfect door knobs and other frequently touched areas.
  • Keep hand sanitizer handy
  • Buy new boxes – we have been hearing how the virus can live for hours on surfaces.

Moving sucks when we are not going through a pandemic, but it’s a bit more hectic right now. It can and is still being done, but definitely be careful.  Hopefully this is all over soon and moving can just suck again.