Why Hudson County? – For Me

Why Hudson County – For ME. I added “For Me” because choosing a place to purchase a home is a matter of you and your family’s own personal preferences and current lifestyle. Hudson County checked off a lot of the boxes, for what my young family was looking for to make it life craziness work.

Minutes from New York City

My wife and I both worked in New York City. When we left New York, we purchased a home in suburb in Essex County.  It was a great place to live, but the commute to get home and see our kids was just too much. The key factor in the decision to move to Hudson County was our commute. We, like many young professionals and families choose to live in Hudson County because we got more space and more “house” for our money when compared to New York. Additionally, there are several options for travelling to and from the city.  I was in consulting so, had to visit may office buildings all over New York.  Having options including the PATH train, New Jersey Transit buses and trains, Jitney buses and various ferries just worked. In fact, depending on where in New York City I need to go, it can be easier to get to from Hudson County than from parts of Brooklyn and Queens! I remember living in Queens and taking that A Train for almost an hour to get in Manhattan.  I saw a lot of “Show Time” performances (NYers know what I mean).

There are tons of options for rentals in Hudson County.  Apartments are available in a huge variety of sizes, styles and prices, from brownstones to high-rises to garden apartment complexes. We first lived in a large 2 bedroom apartment and rented in one of the condo buildings in Union City before finding our perfect property in Hudson County. The neighborhoods in Hudson County are all different, you can find unmistakably urban to communities with a more suburban feel, with lawns to mow.  You can check out Hudson County Community information at my website HERE.

Fun and Active Lifestyle

While Hoboken and Jersey City are the most known for being full of restaurants, bars, nightlife; do not sleep on towns like Union City, West New York and Bayonne. There are tons of restaurants, museums (Hoboken First Department Museum, Hoboken Historical Museum, Jersey City Museum, Bayonne Firefighter’s Museum, Kearny Museum, Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum, etc.), and waterfront areas for folks to enjoy. For the outdoors-person, there are parks galore for residents, including my favorite, James Braddock Park in North Bergen. Located within Liberty State Park, is Liberty Science Center. Adding to the pleasures of both Hoboken and Jersey City are the newly developed waterfront parks.  Check out some of the links below to articles for hotspots, restaurants and parks in Hudson County:

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Parks in Hudson County

Hudson County Restaurants

I honestly see me and family staying here for the long haul. I need to be near the city. Its in my blood. Catch me feeding the pigeons in a local park in the city when I am 80 after enjoying a museum…lol.  Follow my Facebook page HERE for more info on Hudson County. I am always sharing articles and tidbits on my area.